Quit Your 9-5 And Create A 6-Figure Business In 12-18 Months (with little to no investment)

Giving you the exact roadmap I used to take £600 savings and turn it into a 6-figure business in just 16 months.

🕯️ The Secret Sauce To Figuring Out Your Business Position That The Big Brands Don't Want You To Know

🕯️The Top 5 Things That All Marketers Use To Stand Out From The Pack

🕯️ The Industries Best Kept Secrets For Creating A Powerful Community


🕯️ You have an idea but have no clue how to start a business, never mind build an authoritative brand

🕯️ You have a business but are struggling to find your tribe, build an engaged community or generate enough repeat sales to survive

🕯️ You have found your community but are struggling to create more income for your handmade business in order to quit your 9-5

🕯️ You struggle to stick to anything for long enough, so never see the results you want in your business

I know EXACTLY how it is. Having launched and failed at many different ventures over the years, from promotion companies, YouTube Channels, Makeup Artistry, trying to break into the film industry, Modelling - the list of my "failures" is endless. Like me, maybe you have tried over and over or maybe this is your first time and you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of entrepreneurship and simply don't know where to turn or know what steps to make in what direction.

You've joined the hopeless follow loops, tried to shoot attractive content or wasted hours and hours reading 10 different growth gurus, only to feel even more hopeless and even further away from reaching the ever elusive goals. It hasn't worked because your brand hasn't got it right from the moment you posted your first photo, wrote your first caption or ad copy and from your first attempt at a sales pitch. From the get-go you are set up to fail, hoping that customers will just "get it" and will be waiting in line, waving their credit cards at you in haste.


My 6 week intensive masterclass course intended for all types of handcrafted businesses - NOT just candle brands!

A coach who actually did it...

I don't just teach you what I read somewhere else or what other coaches passed to me. How many business coaches actually launched a successful small handmade business (many don't by the way) in the height of a pandemic AND can tell you not just what to do by the book in business but knows exactly the struggles you are going to have and exactly when they are likely to happen? What if your coach could tell you exactly what to do at the right time? What if she knew exactly what you were going to need, not just to create a visual brand online but down-in-the-weeds, fundamental, get-our-hands dirty requirements to get the business from zero to hero in 18 months? This one can...

In 12 Months I Did This...

Just how DOES someone who has never made a handmade product for an e-commerce business before, manage to get in International & National press, get nominated for 4 awards and win 2, becoming Home Fragrance Brand of The Year and attend the nations most revered entrepreneur awards as a finalist?

I have personally served over 6000 customers, created a focus-group and gathered piles and piles of data and know exactly what they want from their small business purchases. Having been in the trenches of building my own handmade, e-commerce business, I know exactly what you need and when you need to do it.


    🕯️ The Candle Bland to Brand 6 Week Masterclass

    🕯️ Self-Paced

    🕯️ Weekly 90 minute group coaching Calls


    🕯️ Accountability Facebook group & community

    🕯️ Corvus Candle School App (Apple/Android)

    🕯️ Candle-preneur Alumni Membership

    🕯️ Self-shooter Photography Cheat Sheet

    🕯️ Niche Discovery 30 page Workbook

    🕯️ True Fan Discovery 30 page Workbook

    🕯️ Website conversion analysis & feedback

    🕯️ Pay in 3 available £££


    🕯️ packed full of videos, tutorials, workbooks and resources

    🕯️ Study in your own time

    🕯️ Holding you accountable & achieving immediate feedback

    🕯️ A tried & tested method for repeatable success

    🕯️ A 24/7 feedback loop and support system

    🕯️ Learn anytime, anywhere

    🕯️ Making industry connections that last beyond 6 weeks

    🕯️ Learning to shoot product like a pro with no experience

    🕯️ Groundbreaking deep dive into your niche & market fit

    🕯️ Intensive deep dive into knowing your customer

    🕯️ Fixing small conversion problems from the get go

    🕯️ Spread the cost of the course payments


    Jess is a natural at coaching - she’s very thorough and patient. She’s also a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all thing small businesses. Jess has chosen to coach candle businesses and I can’t wait to start the candle bland to candle brand course - but I’m pretty sure her knowledge & experience could also be applied to a range of different small businesses outside of the home fragrance market too and I’m excited to see where she takes her coaching venture!


    Jess has always a huge inspiration and massive support for my business from pretty early days! From encouraging and enthusiastic replies to our social media posts and stories, to helping me plan launch dates, to offering product creation demos, nothing is ever too much. When I had a query about some products I was looking to launch, Jess was incredibly supportive, especially given that she had a similar line in place already - not only was she helpful with the product creation and design aspect, but she offered some incredibly thoughtful, kind, and supportive comments about my business that have really stuck with me and continued to help me grow. She’s an absolute gem!


    I have been working with Jess for a few months now and her guidance, support, help and knowledge have been invaluable to me and my business. Not only has Jess publicly championed my business, she has privately helped me in growing my business too. Jess has shared her expertise with me tirelessly - whether it be the importance of how you visually market and present your products on your website, to Instagram and social media content, to SEO and understanding how to capitalise on your niche. The inspiration that working with Jess has given me has helped me grow as an individual, something that I believe is crucial to anyone who is a solo-entrepreneur as faith in yourself delivers results in your business. Period. I am beyond grateful to have met Jess and have the privilege of being coached by her and I would without a doubt recommend investing in Jess if you too are looking to grow your business.

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